Air Asia Airlines - The Low Cost Airlines in Asia

Air Asia Airlines is a Malaysian low- cost airline which has been headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. The airline has been known as the world's top as well as best low cost airline and an innovator of low- cost travel in Asia. The airline was founded in the year of 1993 by DRB- HICOM and Tony Fernandes. 

It is not only offers budget travel but in addition it also assists booking of hotel, cargo services, courier, enjoyment tickets, online shopping facilities as well as tour packages. Air Asia Airlines originates at Changi Airport at the Terminal 1. The airlines provide flights to Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Thailand.
Air Asia India is a proposed Indian- Malaysian low cost transporter. This is a subsidiary of Air Asia Airlines which is known as Asia's no- frills, largest low- fare airlines.
It was announced on 19th Feb 2013 that Air Asia India would get operated as a joint venture between Air Asia and Tata Sons. It holds 49 % of the airline; Tata Sons holds 30% and Amit Bhatia takes up the remaining 21% in the airline. The joint venture marks Tata's return to the aviation industry after 60 Years. 

This is known to be the first foreign airline that has set up a subsidiary in India. This airliner will get operate with the world's most budget unit cost of just Rs. 1.25 available seat per kilometer. A passenger can even break a load factor of 52%. The airliner will prevaricate 100 % of the fuel requirement for the next three years. Air Asia plans to achieve aircraft turnaround time of nearly 25 minutes. 

The beginnings of the airline can be tracked back to October in the year of 2012. At this time that was keen to open operations based out of India on condition that the aviation environment and tax structure were favourable and friendly for low-cost airline operations. It's applied to the Indian Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) to pursue approval for inauguration its operations in India along with the Indian government allowing a foreign direct investment of up to 49%, in February 2013. Conferring to KPMG, the outline and summery of Air Asia India would cause a price war that will ultimately result in an increase in air traffic as well as some consolidation in the Indian Aviation Industry.